commission Information

If you are personally interested in commissioning a sculpture, are a designer, architect or art consultant that has a project you feel one of Thomas’s designs may be suitable for. Or alternatively would like to find out more about his existing available works,  please get in touch using one of the methods  on this page.

Digital render provided for commission mock-up.

Tel: +44 7793 025758

[email protected]

    Thomas is always more than happy to help with your enquiry, will answer any questions you may have and providing additional photo’s or information that may be useful in helping to make a decision.

    Thomas is experienced at working on bespoke projects, producing one-off pieces to fulfill the exact requirements of a client’s needs.

     Due to the geometric nature of his work, it is possible to rescale many designs to any desirable size. He is also happy to explore alternative material and finish options as well, which could range from simply looking at a slightly different patination colour for a bronze, or having mirror-polished rather than a brushed finish on a stainless steel design. Or could be as extreme as looking at creating a design in a completely different material altogether. For example, if an already existing cast bronze design was wanting to be created at a larger scale and in Carrara marble instead of bronze, with modern technologies this would be possible. The original sculpture can be 3D scanned, then digitally edited and rescaled in size, then it could be CNC cut out of one solid block of marble.       

    Once Thomas has an idea of your requirements, he can outline any associated costs and likely timescales that may be required. In most cases, if you do proceed with a commission, written confirmation is required and a deposit of between 30-50% (depending upon the scale of the project)  of the final amount. The commission will not start until the deposit payment has cleared. Progress photo’s can be provided during the making process, as well as finished photos of the work. At this point, if the work is to be crated and shipped, the outstanding balance will be requested prior to the shipment being made. If Thomas is delivering and/or installing the work, then final payment is requested upon satisfactory completion.